Homeschool Student Claims for Staples Inc

Staples will provide approved materials to aid homeschool students in continuing to work towards success, with the necessary items like folders, paper, pens, printed materials, and other approved items. Only approved educational materials are reimbursable for homeschooled students only. Please visit this link for full details.

Parents/guardians can self-register using the following link to receive a Staples Discount: Staples Discount Registration.

Once registered, they must check their email to complete their profile and set up a unique password to begin ordering on


  • Purchases with Staples are not required to use the Business Advantage plan; however
    • The Business Advantage plan offers a discount for parents/guardians
    • Ordering through the Business Advantage plan also allows parents/guardians the ability not to pay upfront and, instead, allow for payment to be made directly from their ACE claim to Staples.