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How do I add additional invoice and receipt administrators for my organization?

Add an additional invoice and receipt administrators to your organization

Login to app.merits.com and select the Organization portal in the top right-hand corner of the page. 

Select Settings on the left-hand menu. 

Click on Add a new admin and enter your admin's email, first and last name, then click Create admin.

Your administrator will receive an email inviting them to create an account.  Once they select a password, they will be able to log in and process invoices and receipts. 

New administrator instructions for locating and accepting accounts can be found below. 


How can I find my merit?

Check your email inbox
All merits are sent to the email address your organization submitted in your name. Check your email inbox for a notification from help@merits.com. It will be similar to the sample "merit" below: 

If you have not received an email from  Merit, visit app.merits.com/get-my-merits and enter your email address. If your organization has issued merits, you will receive an email with instructions for setting up an account. 


Accepting merits

After clicking Accept in the email, you will be directed to choose a password for your Merit account and prompted to agree to Merit’s Terms of Service. Click Create Account to access your Merit profile. Available merits will appear below your name. Click on each to see complete details and download certificates or attachments.

Future merits

You will receive email notifications for subsequent merits issued to you. Review new merits by logging into your Merit profile and clicking the Pending tab. Verify the information. Clicking the checkbox or the Accept button adds pending merits to the Merits profile.