What you need to submit a claim

When submitting a claim for reimbursement: 

  • Please be sure to include the approved service dates on or after:
    • For award Year 1: 4/25/2022
    • For award Year 2: 7/1/2022
    • For award Year 3: 7/1/2023
  • Upload a clear receipt or invoice, including the child's full name.
  • Clearly indicate the exact cost that is equal to or less than the available funds.
  • Provide the service provider information.  Qualified Service Provider numbers can be found in the online Marketplace: https://www.aceohio.org/marketplace
  • Please include the academic or educational skills your student gains from this experience. Is this service something that makes up for a learning loss that occurred due to Covid-19?

It is important to note that service providers who are not listed on the Ohio ACE marketplace have not undergone a thorough vetting process and have not received endorsement from the OHIO ACE Program and Department of Education and Workforce. To ensure the best possible experience, we strongly recommend selecting service providers from the approved list of vendors.

To find approved service providers, please visit aceohio.org/marketplace

  • Please ensure that the contact information for the service provider is correct. Do not enter your own information. 
  • Only ACE covered service categories are eligible expenditures. 
  • The service provider will be contacted four times by email or phone, if we are not able to verify the purchase of the service, the claim will be rejected and the funds will be released back into your Ohio ACE award to be used for another purchase. 

*Never share your login credentials with other individuals or service providers*