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Code of Conduct

Guidelines for ACE Ohio Service Provider Behavior

Participating in the ACE Ohio program assumes service providers (including their assigned representatives) and parents/guardians will abide by the following code of conduct. Service providers may request removal anytime by sending a request to qesp-help@aceohio.org.  If a removal request is not received, participants are assumed to agree to these terms:

  • All claims pending review by the service provider shall be approved or rejected within 10 business days of receipt so reimbursement can take place in a timely manner.

  • Services provided for family members are not reimbursable with the ACE Ohio Program. 

  • Service providers cannot apply for an ACE grant for other families on their behalf.

  • Service providers cannot submit claims on behalf of others.

  • Service providers cannot provide kickbacks to other families or organizations for enrolling in the program and/or participating in services.

  • Service providers should never give/request access to anyone else's ACE Ohio account.

  • Service providers that request information from families regarding participation in government support programs shall be removed from the program.

  • Only approved and participating service providers may use the ACE logo on their website or program materials.

  • If any of the services provided are physical education or sports activities, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

    • Services are part of a camp or after-school program.

    • Services are not a part of any organized team/league/competition.

    • Service fees are not used for uniforms, costumes, equipment, rehearsals, or performances.

    • Fees are not being used for pay-to-play charges for interscholastic activities.

  • Understand that all claims are approved or denied based on the Ohio Revised Code, Section 3310.70, and supplemental guidance provided by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce.