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Qualified Service Provider Dashboard

Thank you for participating as a Qualified Education Service Provider with the ACE Ohio program.

Great news! As a service provider for students using Ohio ACE grant dollars at your place of business, you have a new portal for viewing and approving or rejecting Ohio ACE claims.

  1. To access your dashboard, follow this link: https://app.aceohio.org/service-provider (double check your browser has not re-directed you to a Parent account) Click on the Link with Merit button as shown below.

2.   Follow the steps to log in with the email and password you created when you signed up to be a service provider.

3.  If this is the first time you are logging in to your provider portal, you will be asked to give permission for the portal app to connect with your organization.

4.  Your provider dashboard will have Pending claims, History, and Connecting your bank account options. Now you are ready to review claims.

5.   The first time you log in, you will want to connect your bank account so that payments can be made directly to your business for claims.
    • Click on the third tab option “Connect bank account”

    • Fill out your routing and account number Then, click “Submit”

    • You will see a success page indicating your bank account has been successfully connected

6.   Back in the Dashboard, Click “view” to see the details of a claim waiting for review.
    • Check the details of the claim, including the attached receipt, to ensure that claim information matches the records you have for this student.

    • Fill in your name at the bottom of the claim for recording the person who reviewed the claim.

    • You may choose to either approve or reject the claim by clicking one of the buttons in the lower right of the screen

        • If you choose to reject a claim, select a reason for rejection from the list of options. You may also include additional explanation for why a claim was not approved. This will be shared with the student’s parent or guardian.

        • If you “Approve” the claim, you will see it appear under the history tab in your Service provider portal.


7.   In the History view, you will have a way of seeing all of the claims your business or organization has approved.

Helpful video overview of the Provider Dashboard can be found here.  If you have any questions, please reach out to qesp-help@aceohio.org, or call (567) 267-7700.