Where do I go to apply to be a Qualified Education Service Provider?

Please submit your application to become a Qualified Education Service Provider at https://www.aceohio.org/qesp-application.

$125 million has been allocated for the Ohio afterschool child enrichment (ACE) educational savings program for the 2022-2023 school year. Your organization may be eligible to receive a portion of these funds as additional revenue while helping families and children in your community and across the state.

Under the program, participating families will receive up to $1,000 per student to spend on afterschool programs and services. Parents can choose to pay you directly for services and submit receipts to Ohio ACE for reimbursement or submit your invoice for services to Ohio ACE for direct payment to you. Either way, you'll be helping Ohio families use their educational savings accounts to help further a child's education.

If your organization offers a qualifying program or service under the Ohio Revised Code, you may apply below to be listed as a Qualified Education Service Provider (QESP). Your organization will be listed in the online Marketplace, where parents can search for your organization and the services you provide. 

Before you complete this application, please note that you will need to submit information about yourself and your organization, including, but not limited to:

  • Full contact information for yourself and your organization
  • Your government-issued ID and proof of employment
  • Your organization's license number, 501c3 number, or TIN 
  • A description of your organization and the services it provides
  • Your organization’s logo

Once approved, you will receive an email confirming that your organization has been added to the online Marketplace.