Why was my claim rejected?

Your claim may have been rejected for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Service dates were not eligible or not provided. 
    • Services must have started on or after April 25, 2022, to qualify for reimbursement for Year 1 funds (2021-2022 school year).
    • Services must have started on or after July 01, 2022, to qualify for reimbursement for Year 2 funds (2022-2023 school year).
  • Service/Good is not eligible for reimbursement.
    • At this time, electronics, driver's education, transportation, cosmetology related services,  and textbooks that are not for homeschooled children are not approved services/goods.
  • The service provider is not an eligible business or the claim was rejected by the organization.
    • Each claim must be verified by the service provider.  Please be sure to include accurate contact information for the service provider when submitting the claim.  
  • The educational or academic value of the provided service was not indicated.
  • The invoice or receipt uploaded did not contain complete information. 
    • Please make sure that the invoice and/or receipt uploaded matches and confirms the details in your claim. 
      • The date of purchase
      • The date of service
      • The name of the parent and/or student 
      • The amount of sale
      • Payment status
  • Claim is not consistent with program clarifications, effective February 10, 2023.

For claims that are submitted to disburse funds to the parent/guardian directly, please be sure to upload proof of purchase, and not an unpaid invoice.


If your claim has been rejected in error, and you would like to appeal the claim decision, please fill out the form below. 

Claim appeal form