Applying to be a Qualified Service Provider?

Best practices for the Qualified Service Provider Application

Thank you for applying to become a Qualified Service Provider. The approved services for the Ohio ACE Program can be found below and within the application at The only merchandise that is approved is curriculum and material for homeschooled students only. 

Approved Services
    • Before or after-school educational programs (not during school hours)

    • Day camps, including camps for academics, music, and arts

    • Learning extension centers

    • Learning pods

    • Curriculum and material (*homeschool only)

    • Educational, learning, or study skills services

    • Field trips to historical landmarks, museums, science centers, and theaters, including admission, exhibit, and program fees

    • Language classes

    • Instrument lessons

    • Tutoring

Common Application issues that cause delay:

  • The applicant's ID has been Blacked/Blurred Out. You are able to blur or black out your personal home address. We do need to see a clear image of the rest of your ID.

  • The applicant's ID is expired. Please include a valid and current government-issued Identification.

  • The organization license and organization name do not match. You may add a DBA name (Doing Business As) but must apply using the organizations license name.

  • Sole Proprietors without a business license must use their legal name (as it shows on their valid government-issued Identification) and not a business name. 

  • Sole Proprietors will be asked to submit proof of skill in the field they are teaching. This may be in the form of a degree or certificate.

  • The applicant is missing an employment verification letter (if not named on the business license) Please be sure to include a signed and dated letter from a manager giving you permission to apply for the Ohio ACE program on behalf of the organization.

  • Insufficient educational services. Please describe in detail what educational services your organization will be providing, as daycare services are not a covered service.  Please note program exclusions here. This must fall within the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce's guidelines

  • Lack of documentation is sent in with the application.

  • Each organization will need to provide more information depending on the services your organization declared in your application. Including, but not limited to:

    • Website/Social Media Link with listed declared services

    • Price list of declared services

    • Service agreement

    • Policy Handbook**(These two may exist in the same document)

    • Registration form

    • Camp Schedule/ itinerary

  • If your organization would like to provide Learning Pods as a service in the Ohio ACE program. We require the teacher within the Learning Pod to supply their Educator credential Teaching license, or bachelor's/ master's degree in the field being taught.  If your organization is providing a Homeschool Learning Pod, we also require a signed letter from the superintendent giving your organization permission to teach within your district.

  • Policy Handbook and/or Service Agreement clarification: This is a document you may have given to the Parents and Guardians when signing up for services. Usually, it outlines any rules or regulations you may have in place for your students upon enrollment.

    Policy Handbook examples include:

    • Dress code

    • Code of conduct

    • The number of students attending

    • Behavioral expectations

    • Medical forms

    • Transportation policy

        Service Agreement examples include:

    • Cancelation policy

    • Hours of operation

    • Refund policy

    • Payment schedule

    • Important dates

  • Please include as much detail and information in your application as you can. This will reduce the review time. You may include attachments in your application as well as email additional information to

  • A website/social media account for your organization is truly the best source of information for both prospective parents/guardians looking for services for their children in the program and for application reviewers. This is not optional for most providers. The organization must have a website or social media account that includes relevant and robust information for the services claimed on your application for children ages 6-18 or Kindergarten - 12 Grade.

Your services may be represented by a combination of information that can be found on your websites/social media :

    • Informative flyer

    • Description of service offerings

    • Program guide

    • Price list

    • Sign-up forms

    • Pictures

    • Schedule

If you have any questions, please reach out to, or call (567) 267-7700.