How to view and review a claim.

Qualified service providers that are participating in the Ohio ACE program will have a dashboard to approve pending claims.

Claims that have been submitted and have passed the first review will appear in the service provider dashboard within the Ohio ACE app for qualified service providers participating in the program. 

Find the Ohio ACE app here 

If you have not yet created your password and set up your Merit account, please do so before moving forward.  Directions for setting up your Merit account can be found here

Select Link with Merit and enter the email and password associated with your Merit account. 

All claims waiting for your review will be listed.  Select View to review the claim details.

Please review the details within the claim and confirm the following

  • The student is or has been a client
  • The service category and educational value fits the service or product that was purchased
    • Please note that technology products such as laptops, smart devices, tablets, and other related goods are not reimbursable with the Ohio ACE program.
  • The claim amount matches or is less than your records of the transaction
  • If the parent/guardian has paid for the service or item or is on a payment plan that you provided them, the pay to option should be "Pay to Parent/Guardian"
  • If the parent/guardian has NOT paid for the services or items, and you allow invoicing, the pay-to option should be "Pay to Service Provider".

If everything within the claim looks correct, please type your name in the Reviewer box, and select Approve. 

If there is something amiss with the claim, please type your name in the Reviewer box, and select Reject.  When rejecting a claim, there will be a popup window asking for a reason. The information that you type in will be sent in an email to the parent letting them know why the claim was rejected. 


It is our goal to process and disburse funds as soon as possible. Please help us out by reviewing all pending claims within 10 days of receiving the email. A helpful video walkthrough of the Provider Dashboard can be found here.


These funds are from a federal grant and are only authorized to be used for approved goods and services. Please help us ensure parents use these funds responsibly by notifying Merit if a refund is issued to a parent/guardian that used Ohio ACE funds to pay for a good or service so that Merit can work with the parent on returning the funds to the state of Ohio.