May 2023 ACE Program Clarifications

The following is an updated list of clarifications provided by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. These are not to supersede or change any previously provided or current ACE guidance, but rather are intended to expedite the claim process by making it more clear about what is and is not an allowable Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) service. 

  • Day camps, including camps for academics, music, and arts, are allowable expenses under the ACE program. ACE funds cannot be used to pay for additional or optional costs associated with overnight accommodation at a camp. 
  • Field trips to historical landmarks, museums, science centers, and theaters, including admission, exhibit, and program fees, are allowable expenses.
    • International field trips are not allowable. Foreign travel is a school trip or a foreign tour and is not the intent behind the program.
    • The purchase of adult tickets is not an allowable expense.
    • Family memberships and children’s admission to eligible venues are an allowable expense.
    • Childcare, including the services of a nanny, are not allowable expenditures under ACE.
      • Invoices with childcare, aftercare, daycare, etc. are not reimbursable.
      • Supporting information must indicate a fee schedule and eligible program.
      • Day camps, swim lessons, language classes, etc. that are clearly separate from childcare could qualify as an educational program with proper documentation.

      For additional information about service provider requirements and allowable expenditures,  please review the program guidelines at: